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How It Works

OneFlow has been designed from the ground up specifically for on-demand and Web-to-Print PSPs.

How It Works

Process orders

Receive orders from apps, websites and CSRs for mass customisable products, ad-hoc jobs and stock.

Fetch, preflight, barcode and manipulate product artwork ready for printing.

How It Works

Create batches

Batch similar items across orders for production efficiency.

Impose batches and schedule for production to meet required shipping times.

How It Works

Manage Production

Push to press.

Track individual items through print and finishing, making sure nothing gets lost or mixed up.

Batches and jobs are prioritised so that your staff know what they need to work on next.

How It Works

Collate & ship

Multi-item orders are collated so they can be shipped in one package to minimise postage costs.

Item barcodes are scanned and verified at dispatch, ensuring your customer receives exactly what they ordered.

The dispatch scan triggers the printing of shipping labels and invoices.

A message is sent confirming shipment and tracking number. The order arrives with your customer the next day.

Print on demand

Use OneFlow to produce mass customisable products such as key rings, canvasses, photobooks, mugs, posters, t-shirts, cushions, wide format, business cards, magnets - the list is endless.

Benefits of OneFlow

OneFlow automates the complete end-to-end printcycle with zero human intervention,
from order submission to dispatch.

Same day implementation

Be ready to receive orders in one day or less. Cloud based, so no complex local IT installation. Avoid IT development. Adopt an enterprise strength proven platform. Fast-track to industry-leading service.

Rapid customer on-boarding

Have a customer app or website integrate themselves using the API, PHP or .NET SDK and start submitting orders immediately. Equip your app or website brands with direct access to answer their own customer enquiries.

Ship globally with ease

Access all leading shipping providers and ship to 230 countries. Release partial shipments. Upgrade shipping methods. Manifest.

Everything dispatched on time

Rely on the system to schedule and help you manage end-to-end. Cope when things don’t go to plan. Automatically deal with reprints.


OneFlow software has been designed from the ground up specifically for on-demand and Web-to-Print PSPs. It is not an MIS product. It is an automation solution. Its goal is simple: to automate decision-making and improve efficiency, so that you make money on every job.

OneFlow can perform the following operations without any manual intervention:

Order processing

Order validation. Artwork fetching. Confirmation postbacks to app, website or brand on order receipt and again upon acceptance.

File processing

Artwork manipulation, including: merging, splitting, rotating and re-sizing, etc. Pre- flighting and fixups. Barcode and job-sheet insertion. Automated batching and ganging. Triggered release of batches to production.


Shipment scheduling by SLA. Batch scheduling. Imposition. Creation of JDF and XML files.


Send directly to press via JDF or folder. Finishing station work-to lists. Reprint management. Work-flow management. Multicomponent assembly using barcodes or RFID. Dashboards and reporting.


Collation of multi-item orders. Creation of shipping and carrier labels. Manifesting. Postbacks to brands, websites and apps with shipment status and tracking numbers. Customisable labels. Assign specific package types. Dispatch operator alerts. Customs documentation.


Unlimited workflows, products, SKUs, workcenters and finishing stations. Integration with many presses and third party technologies. HTTP posts and e-mail alerts linked to production events. Stock level management and alerts. Manage package inventory.


Provide your own API, customer on-boarding documents and SDKs to customers and brands. Provide access to brand's CSR staff.

Additional services

Oneflow Ship - an API providing access to all major global carriers. OneFlow Shops - create customer stores in minutes using your existing products. OneFlow Workforce - configure Work Queues to automate repetitive file manipulations in the cloud.

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We provide the SiteFlow platform to HP for use by PSPs around the world.














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